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Shield Insurance Agency wishes everyone a Safe and Happy Halloween!

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10 Most Popular DIY Home Decor Trends for Fall 2021 - Shield Insurance Agency Blog

10 Most Popular DIY Home Decor Trends for Fall 2021

10 Most Popular DIY Home Decor Trends for Fall 2021 – Shield Insurance Agency Blog

By Ashley Tyler  | August 13, 2021 |

Fall will be here before you know it, and with the incoming chilly air and changing, leaves can come the urge to change up your home decor. With a few simple swaps, your home can feel festive and ready to take on any get-togethers or impromptu parties the next few months have in store.

Whether you’re planning on hosting for the holidays or just want to cozy up your space, it doesn’t have to break the bank or feel like another chore on your to-do list. Start by picking a few of your favorite fall trends and use them in small doses around your house. Need some inspiration to get you going? We’ve got you covered. Keep scrolling for 10 simple ways to add the year’s most popular trends to your fall decor.

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The Best Trees and Shrubs to Plant in Your Yard for Beautiful Fall Foliage - Shield Insurance Agency Blog

The Best Trees and Shrubs to Plant in Your Yard for Beautiful Fall Foliage

MARTHASTEWART.COM | GARDEN | The Best Trees and Shrubs to Plant in Your Yard for Beautiful Fall Foliage

Buy these plants and do your fall leaf gazing at home this year.

By Lauren Wellbank July 07,

If your fall fantasies involve sitting in your own yard, sipping a homemade pumpkin spice latte, and watching as the plants in your yard go from summer greens to autumnal shades of red and orange, then it’s time to start gardening. Here, we’re sharing a number of trees and shrubs that will give your yard a good dose of fall color come autumn.

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Reds and Purples

Maples, particularly Japanese maples, are the first plants many gardeners think of when it comes to spectacular fall color. The hue depends on variety; Velvet Viking™, for example, goes from being purple in summer to vibrant red in autumn. Other maples may turn shades of yellow, orange, and purple. Blueberries are often overlooked for their ornamental appeal, but many turn stunning shades of red and purple come fall. This makes them great plants for double-duty use. Meanwhile viburnums offer amazing fall color in addition to berries that attract birds. Sparkler® is an easy-care version of the North American native that turns a rich purple-red at the season’s end. Oakleaf hydrangeas, like Snow Queen, are another amazing North American native shrub that works well in partially shaded spots and are known for delivering purple-bronze foliage in fall. It is one of the relatively few shade plants for reliable fall color.

Blues, Orange, Greens, and Yellows

Fothergilla, or witch hazel, is a native shrub with blue-green leaves in summer and pumpkin orange leaves in fall. If you’re looking for another bright-hued plant, linderas, or spicebush, grows mainly as a shrub or small tree. A common or native species, Lindera benzoin, has brilliant yellow to orange fall color.  The Asian spicebush, Lindera salicifolia, has bright orange fall color and the foliage stays on it longer throughout the winter. For year-long color, plant arborvitae—it offers a show in all seasons! Its new growth emerges a pleasing yellow shade before fading to green. Then, when temperatures drop in autumn, the foliage goes a glowing shade of golden orange that’s unlike anything else in the landscape.

When to Plant Them

Happily, you can plant your trees and shrubs almost anytime from spring to fall in most areas and still enjoy the changeover of color in the fall, according to Justin Hancock, Monrovia horticultural craftsman. “Spring planting gives you the advantage of bigger variety at the store; autumn lets you see the fall color for yourself before you bring your plant home.” Just beware, if your plants are stressed, struggling, or unhappy with where they’re growing, they are unlikely to produce as lively of a color palette come autumn.

Troubleshooting Issues

If your foliage isn’t turning the colors you had hoped, your soil may be to blame, says Adrienne R. Roethling, director of curation and mission delivery at Paul J. Ciener Botanical Garden. She says that the ideal soil PH should be 6.2-6.5. If your PH is fine but you’re still having an issue, drought may be the problem. “If soils are dry, especially in summer and fall, some plants will just drop their leaves prematurely,” she explains.

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How using a surety guarantee can enhance your client’s liquidity - Shield Insurance Agency Blog

How using a surety guarantee can enhance your client’s liquidity

What is a surety guarantee?

The surety is the guarantee of the debts of one party by another. A surety is an organization or person that assumes the responsibility of paying the debt in case the debtor policy defaults or is unable to make the payments. The party that guarantees the debt is referred to as the surety, or as the guarantor.

How do you get a surety guarantee?

When companies need a guarantee, they often turn to their bank. And whilst this may seem to be the simplest approach, decision-makers should understand the other options available to them—mainly purchasing surety from an insurance company. One key reason? To free up liquidity.

When companies obtain a guarantee from an insurance company, they don’t use up any of the limits under their bank lines, giving them additional credit to use in other ways to support their business. Often, insurance companies have better credit ratings than banks, a key factor when getting clients to accept guarantees. Two examples of guarantees that can free up cash include pension bonds and payment services regulation bonds.

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UTV Safety Before you Ride - Shield Insurance Agency Blog

UTV safety before you ride

UTV safety: Off-road vehicles are a thrill, but they can be dangerous if you don’t know how to properly ride them. Did you know, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, there were almost 94,000 off-road vehicle injuries treated in the emergency room in 2017? That’s why it’s important to understand the dangers and take safety precautions before riding.

Off-road vehicles refer to many different machines, including ATVs, dirt bikes, 4-wheel drive trucks, SUVs, and UTVs. In this article, we’ll focus on UTV safety. They’re utility-terrain vehicles, utility task vehicles, or side-by-sides. They look like a cross between an ATV and a Jeep but trust me, they don’t drive like either one. Before you take one for a ride, remember these safety tips:

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What's lurking below your mobile home - Shield Insurance Agency Blog

What’s lurking below your mobile home?

What’s lurking below your mobile home?

Do you remember when you were young and had to check under your bed for monsters before you could go to sleep? I sure do! Because of my hyperactive imagination and the poor decision to watch one too many cheesy 80s horror movies, I was absolutely terrified of monsters when I was a kid. Every night I would thoroughly inspect all of the best hiding places in my room before I reluctantly switched off the light and frantically dashed for my bed, fully expecting to be ambushed by a mob of gremlins as soon as everything was dark. I certainly didn’t want any mischievous little critters to snack on one of my exposed limbs as I slept, so I wrapped myself in a cocoon of blankets as an extra precaution.

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Campfires - Keep Safety Top of Mind- Shield Insurance Agency Blog

Campfires: Keep Safety Top of Mind

A nice evening by the glow and heat of a fire can be one of the most enjoyable parts of camping. Whether you’re gathering with friends, making s’mores, or just basking in the warmth, there are many reasons campfires are a long-standing tradition. That being said, creating a fire comes with a lot of responsibility. In the United States, people start nearly nine out of ten wildfires. 1 So the next time you get ready to light that match, keep these safety tips in mind.

Check fire regulations.

Make sure you know the rules of the campground or area where you’re planning the fire. There may be a temporary ban when the risk of wildfires is higher.

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Fit and Fat: Weight Loss May Not Actually Make You Healthier, Study Reveals - Shield Insurance Agency Blog

Fit and Fat: Weight Loss May Not Actually Make You Healthier, Study Reveals

Want a long and healthy life? New research shows that focusing on this one behavior, may help a lot more than losing weight.

By Catherine Pearson | 10/13/2021 8:58 am EDT | Updated October 14, 2021 |

Health experts have increasingly embraced the idea that people can absolutely be “fit and fat” — and that the body mass index is deeply flawed and does not provide a very good picture of a person’s health.

A recent scientific review strengthens these points. The research, published in the journal iScience, showed that overall wellness and longevity cannot be predicted by a number on a scale, and that exercise is more important than weight loss when it comes to heart health and living a long life.

“We would like people to know that fat can be fit, and that fit and healthy bodies come in all shapes and sizes,” study researcher Glenn Gaesser, of the College of Health Solutions at Arizona State University, said in a statement.

How focusing too much on weight loss misses the point

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Staffing Shortages May Affect Your Next Trip - Shield Insurance Agency Blog

Staffing Shortages May Affect Your Next Trip

Pack your patience as the travel industry struggles with staffing shortages.

by Bill Fink,  AARP, October 13, 2021

Staff Shortages due to the pandemic.

Due to the tourism slowdown at the height of the pandemic, many airlines, hotels, restaurants, and attractions cut back operations, laid-off employees, or closed altogether. Now, as travel has begun to rebound, many of those businesses find themselves short of staff and resources. Travelers are feeling the pinch — both in the pocketbook and in the planning process — with lower inventory for accommodations (sometimes due to a shortage of housekeeping staff), longer wait times for services, limited opening hours at restaurants, and higher prices in many popular destinations.

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ow to Clean an Oven - Shield Insurance Agency Blog

How to Clean an Oven

By: Jeremy Glass  |  Jan 4, 2021 |

It can be a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it.

It’s finally time to clean your oven. Yay.

Look, we understand the inherent lack of fun in such a laborious activity, but to clean an oven means a cleaner household with fewer harmful fumes infiltrating your kitchen and food. With little more than baking soda and vinegar, you can give your oven the kind of makeover that’ll eviscerate grease, dirt, and burned-on odor. Here’s how it’s done.

How to Clean an Oven

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