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Community Minded Referral Program

Shield Referral Program Introduces Roslyn

Shield Referral Program

“The highest compliment we can receive is the referral of your friends, family & business associates. Thank you for your trust!”

Your referral can make a difference for Roslyn. Shield Insurance is helping Roslyn by donating $25 for each non-client who gets a quote from us! No purchase necessary! CLICK HERE to get a quote and we’ll donate $25 to her! (Be sure to mention Roslyn in the comment section!) You can also call or text the office and one of our agents will take a few minutes of your time to offer up a quote. Don’t forget to mention Ros!

Meet Roslyn
Roslyn and Shield Insurance Agency Referral Program

More great stories featuring Roslyn…

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shield insurance agency video anchoring mobile home

Anchoring Your Mobile Home

Is your mobile home anchored and secured? Here are some great tips on anchoring your own mobile home! Shield Insurance Agency represents almost 40 insurance companies and will work to find you the best price for the most insurance. Call or Text 616.896.4600 for a free quote today!

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NEW Ways to Save on Health Insurance Shield Insurance

NEW Ways to *Save* on Health Insurance!

New *Health Insurance Subsidies* Available Now at; Department of Insurance and Financial Services Ready to Answer Questions About New Opportunities to Save on Health Insurance

Media Contact: Laura Hall, 517-290-3779,
Consumer Hotline: 877-999-6442,

Call or Text (616) 896-4600 to sign up for health insurance TODAY!


(LANSING, MICH) New Health Insurance Marketplace subsidies that will help more Michiganders afford health insurance are available now on The increased subsidies are part of the American Rescue Plan, which was signed into law in March.

“With these increased subsidies, working families’ monthly savings could be substantial, but the sooner you start the process the more you could save overall,” said Governor Gretchen Whitmer. “A family of four making $120,000 per year could save approximately $259 per month, while a 60-year-old married couple could save as much as $943 per month for the rest of 2021. Getting started today ensures that you and your family have the health coverage you need while saving the most money possible on your coverage.”

The Health Insurance Marketplace and application process, available at, has been updated to reflect both the extended special enrollment period and the newly expanded tax credits from the American Rescue Plan. Michiganders who need Marketplace health coverage should start a Marketplace application by visiting the Health Insurance Marketplace or by calling 800-318-2596 (TTY: 1-855-889-4325). Coverage will start on the first of the month after a plan is selected, so coverage will start May 1 for plans selected in April.

Consumers who already have a Marketplace plan should return to the Marketplace and update their 2021 application to see if they qualify for expanded tax credits and take immediate advantage of the higher subsidies. Individuals who choose not to revisit their application will not be able to lower their monthly health coverage premiums this year and will have to wait until they file their 2021 tax returns in 2022 to get the expanded tax credits for which they qualify. Consumers should know that selecting a new plan under this extended special enrollment period may trigger a reset of their annual deductible for 2021.

“Overall, an estimated 67,000 uninsured Michiganders now qualify for lower-cost coverage, and approximately 16,000 should be eligible for no-cost coverage through these increased subsidies,” said the Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services (DIFS) Director Anita Fox. “If you’re unsure how to start taking advantage of these new opportunities, Shield Insurance Agency and DIFS is here to help through our live call center, by email, or with our online resources.”

DIFS can help consumers with health insurance questions and complaints and can provide information about the Health Insurance Marketplace Special Enrollment Period that is now open through August 15. For more information, including a schedule of upcoming virtual health insurance town halls from DIFS and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, consumers should visit DIFS via email, or call 877-999-6442 Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The mission of the Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services is to ensure access to safe and secure insurance and financial services fundamental for the opportunity, security, and success of Michigan residents, while fostering economic growth and sustainability in both industries. In addition, the Department provides consumer protection, outreach, and financial literacy and education services to Michigan residents. For more information, visit or follow the Department on FacebookTwitter, or LinkedIn.



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How to Qualify for a Small Business Loan | Shield Insurance Blog

How to Qualify for a Small Business Loan

How to Qualify for a Small Business Loan and Fund Your Big Idea

These small business loans vary from $500 to $5.5 million, which provide a range of financial support to entrepreneurs.

By Katelyn Chef March 18, 2021

If the past year has proven anything, it’s that small businesses are resilient to fluctuating markets. In the past, you’ve applied for student loanscar loans, and other smart financial responsibilities as ways to make your way through life. However, as an entrepreneur, have you considered applying for a small business loan to sustain your business in this difficult time?

If not, now may be the time to do so. Small business loans (SBA) aim to provide capital to small businesses just starting. These types of loans are supported by the government, deeming them less of a gamble, and Colleen McCreary, chief people officer of Credit Karma, advocates that these are a good option. “SBA loans offer competitive terms, lower down payment requirements, and resources that can help you run your small business,” she explains.ADVERTISING

Here’s what you need to know about small business loans and how to apply for one, according to McCreary.

When to Apply

Aside from securing capital for your new business, one of the main benefits of an SBA loan is that you can conceivably secure funding from an SBA lender when other banks have denied your requests. According to McCreary, you can qualify rates similar to equivalent non-SBA loans, too. Of course, there are other factors to take into consideration when applying for loans like these. “SBA loans have strict qualifying requirements,” shares McCreary. “For example, if you’re a startup, you should have experience in the type of business you want to start. And for a new business, you should have cash on hand or business assets to the tune of around $1 for every $3 you want to borrow. Some SBA loans have prepayment penalties.”

That means it’s essential to have a clear financial plan for your business already in place. “The smaller your loan, the higher your interest rate might be,” she continues. “The SBA allows lenders to charge the prime rate plus 2.25 percent for loans of more than $50,000 maturing in less than seven years. However, for loans of $25,000 or less maturing in less than seven years, the cap is the prime rate plus 4.25 percent.”

Steps for Application

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Injured Worker Advocate | Shield Insurance Agency Blog

Injured Worker Advocacy Matters

3 reasons why injured worker advocacy matters


Experiencing a workplace injury is understandably stressful for any employee and trauma can be exacerbated when employers focus on medical costs and missing staff hours instead of the employee’s well-being. With today’s advocacy-based worker’s compensation model, however, employers are seeking to fix this inherent conflict, with many now intent on changing the relationship – from adversary to advocate.

“The way you treat an injured worker can have a material impact on the life of the claim,” says Wesley Hyatt, Senior Vice President, Workers Compensation Claims, Liberty Mutual Insurance, and Helmsman Management Services LLC. “Injured worker advocacy is a mindset that starts with the goal that ‘we’re here to help this injured person’ versus just moving claims along by checking boxes.”

Here are three reasons why injured worker advocacy is driving a paradigm shift in how forward-looking employers manage the claims process.

1. Open communication builds trust and confidence in the process

Creating consistent, clear, and open communication in a way that puts an injured worker’s needs first is a key part of the advocacy approach. Every outreach should reassure injured workers that their claims and clinical teams are working in their best interests. After all, along with recovering from the injury, an employee must also work through the complex worker’s compensation (WC) claims process – often for the very first time.

To achieve the goal of open communication, employers are changing the language used throughout the process to eliminate jargon and replace negative wording with positive terms. For example, “covered” is now substituted for “compensable,” and “claims examiner” is replaced by “claims representative.”

Another example of improving the employee experience is Liberty Mutual’s SmartVideo, a personalized, two-minute video that’s automatically sent via email to an injured worker whose claim meets certain WC criteria. Accessible via computer, tablet, or mobile device, the video outlines important claims information and available tools.

“The idea is to expand on the human connection between adjuster and worker, alleviating an employee’s stress and fears of the unknown,” Hyatt says. “It’s not just about what you say, but how you say it and deliver it.”

The takeaway: the tone used and ease of information provided from the very first contact with an injured worker sets the course for the entire claim.

“The way you treat an injured worker can have a material impact on the life of the claim.” – Wesley Hyatt, Senior Vice President, Workers Compensation Claims

2. Responsive follow-up leads to faster return-to-work

With data showing that as many as 18% of injured workers never reach the ability to return to work in the same capacity, connecting frequently with progress check-ins and additional resources can inform a proactive – and realistic – post-recovery evaluation.

Anticipating a worker’s needs in a holistic way demonstrates that their well-being is a priority, says Debbie Michel, Executive Vice President, National Insurance Risk Management, Liberty Mutual Insurance. “Think about the whole person, not just the specific injury,” she says.

3 Reasons Why Injured Worker Advocacy Matters, Shield Insurance Agency Blog

“Anticipating a worker’s needs in a holistic way demonstrates that their well-being is a priority.” – Debbie Michel, Executive Vice President, National Insurance Risk Management

Nurse case managers can use motivational interviewing and therapeutic listening to help identify other factors that may affect an employee’s return to work – and coordinate additional services if needed.

Another way to reinforce employer support is by empowering the employee with a range of choices, Michel says. Options can include a gradual part-time to full-time transition, providing temporary limited duty or alternate work tasks, and temporarily working remotely.

The takeaway: returning to work full time after an injury doesn’t always have to be an all-or-nothing proposition. Keeping an injured worker engaged and empowered through the recovery process can strengthen the employer-employee relationship and better prepare for a successful return to work plan.

3. Compassionate strategies improve overall claims outcomes

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shield insurance agency educational video cover

Insurance Terms

Shield Insurance Agency & Foremost Insurance Company present Insurance Terms

Every industry has its own unique language – and insurance is no exception. Here are some key insurance definitions and terms you might come across as you consider insuring yourself or your stuff.

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