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Today’s good news story comes from Dover, Ohio.

In a world often dominated by sales pitches and fundraising campaigns, one elementary school in Ohio is rewriting the script by spreading kindness instead of selling goods. Dover Elementary’s Parent Teacher Group (PTG) has initiated a heartwarming fundraising campaign where acts of kindness take center stage.

Led by PTG President Ericka Koffa, the school community has embraced the concept of “serving instead of selling.” Instead of the typical cookie dough or gift wrap sales, students are encouraged to engage in planned and spontaneous acts of kindness both within the school grounds and beyond.

Serving Instead of Selling

Koffa elaborated on the initiative, emphasizing the importance of giving back to the community. “We’re serving instead of selling. Getting our kids out into the community [and] giving back,” she stated. “The concept is they’re paying the community’s generosity forward by completing acts of kindness at home, at school, and in the community.”

Fifth-grader Aaliyah Garner shared her understanding of kindness, highlighting the various ways students contribute to the initiative. “We help around the school by doing random acts of kindness like giving out morning greetings and cards sometimes. Being kind to everybody in the school and never being rude to anyone, and helping people when they need it.”

The acts of kindness orchestrated by Dover Elementary students encompass a wide range of gestures, from writing letters to those in need to distributing kindness cards and lending a hand to the elderly. With QR codes facilitating donations, the impact of these acts extends far beyond the school’s walls.

“I’ve just seen so many of our kids light up when people are calling out their kindness and noticing them for being kind,” remarked Koffa. “We feel like we’re on the verge of changing some lives.”

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This Elementary School Is Fundraising With A Twist - SERVING Instead Of Selling