The Do Good Fest Raised Nearly $1.5 Million for Vermont After Historic Flooding

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The National Life Insurance Company was founded 175 years ago in Montpelier, Vermont—and, following historic flooding, they are still living up to their motto: ‘Believe in tomorrow. Do good today.’

They were set to hold their annual benefit concert, the Do Good Fest, historically held on the company’s back lawn, when disastrous flooding hit the area.

Within three days, they transformed the event into an indoor acoustic performance that was live-streamed so that viewers across Vermont, the nation, and globally, could support the rebuilding of Vermont through online donations.

Do Good Fest Fundraising

The Do Good Fest fundraiser exceeded expectations and the company raised their original promise to match $500,000, when donations poured in.

During the July 15 event, company CEO Mehran Assadi announced that National Life will match donations, now nearing $750,000 for a total of $1.5 million, making it the largest gift so far to the VT Flood Response & Recovery Fund 2023.

The money will go to the Vermont Community Foundation’s VT Flood Response & Recovery Fund 2023, with the first $500,000 dispersed to local relief agencies immediately.

The tax-exempt public charity, as of ten days ago, had collected more than $2.5 million in gifts or commitments to the Recovery Fund since in its first week, but donations are still being accepted.

“National Life Group is an insurance company with a soul,” Mr. Assadi said. “We have been a part of this community since 1848, and this is what a good company does – it takes care of its neighbors.”

“As an employer and a neighbor, National Life has embodied that for over a century and has done so again with this incredible commitment.”

“We are so grateful to be able to put these resources to work for families, farms, and small businesses affected by this catastrophic storm. Together we remain Vermont-strong.”

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You can watch the telethon-type event and donate to the rebuilding at

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The ‘Do Good Fest’ Raised Nearly $1.5 Million for Vermont After Historic Flooding