Russ Cook Runs 385 Marathons In 352 Days, Becomes First Man To Run Entire Length Of Africa

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Russ Cook, a 27-year-old from Worthing, West Sussex, has etched his name in the annals of history by accomplishing a remarkable feat: becoming the first person ever to run the entire length of Africa.

His incredible journey spanned 16 countries, covering a distance equivalent to 385 marathons, and concluded after 352 days of unwavering determination and perseverance.

Setting off from South Africa’s southernmost point on April 22, 2023, Russ Cook embarked on a monumental quest to traverse the vast and diverse terrain of the African continent.

From bustling cities to dense rainforests, towering mountains, and the unforgiving expanse of the Sahara Desert, he braved every obstacle in his path with indomitable spirit.

However, Russ’s journey was not without its share of challenges and dangers. Along the way, he encountered harrowing incidents, including a terrifying armed robbery in Angola where he and his support team were stripped of their belongings at gunpoint.

In another chilling ordeal, he was kidnapped by a gang in Congo, armed with machetes, and transported deep into the jungle before being rescued by his vigilant team.

Reflecting on these perilous encounters, Russ confessed, “I’ll be honest. It was the scariest, scariest couple of days ever of my life,” during an interview with Good Morning Britain.

Despite facing adversities that would deter most, Russ remained resolute in his mission. Even when confronted with health issues, such as blood in his urine and debilitating back pain, he pressed on, running more than a marathon’s distance each day.

Russ Cook was faced with logistical problems

Only compelled to pause for logistical reasons, like visa requirements, or when medical professionals intervened, Russ’s commitment to his cause never wavered.

There were moments of sheer exhaustion and despair, including instances where he couldn’t keep food down for over 24 hours and endured sleepless nights.

As Russ approached the culmination of his monumental journey, he was greeted by a wave of support from around the globe. Joined by enthusiastic well-wishers for the final leg of his odyssey, he crossed the finish line in Tunisia on April 7, 2024, marking the triumphant conclusion of an extraordinary adventure.

In addition to his personal triumph, Russ’s incredible feat has also been a beacon of hope for many. Through his awe-inspiring endeavor, he has raised over £700,000 for charity, embodying the power of altruism and compassion.

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Russ Cook Runs 385 Marathons In 352 Days, Becomes First Man To Run Entire Length Of Africa