Amber Venaglia, Liberty University Online Academy Student, Excels and Inspire as a Performer

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Amber Venaglia
2023 Amazing Kids – Portland
Age: 10
School: Liberty University Online Academy
Hometown: Portland, Or
WHY SHE IS AMAZING: Through Amber’s determination and hard work, she excels as a performer and uses her skills to inspire other young people.


Amber Venaglia first picked up a mic when she was just two years old.

Before she could even talk, she went on stage after a church service and started humming to a piano tune in front of hundreds of people.

That’s when her parents knew she had a gift.

Amber Venaglia is only 10 years old

Now 10 years old, Venaglia ’s versatility is seen through her singing, dancing, acting, and her latest hobby — playing the piano. She said playing the piano is now her favorite because she likes learning new songs and has fast fingers.

She has danced with The Portland Ballet, did theater with Journey Theater Arts, and was awarded the title of World Ambassadress of Aspire Magazine. Her mom says Venaglia quickly excelled at creating music.

“When we found out she could sing, we only trained her for two months, and we were surprised she won the World Championships of Performing Arts — and when she was seven, she won Star of the Year in Hollywood,” she said.

Her dad, Edward, also taught her how to code, and now Venaglia, whose favorite subject is math, is a certified game developer.

Amber Venaglia has no fear

She sang the National Anthem for an NBA Lakers game earlier this year, and said that despite the large venue, she doesn’t get nervous when she goes up and performs. Instead, she is focused on what she’s practiced and feels proud to encourage other kids to do the same. Her mom is especially impressed by her daughter’s courage and focus.

“Most kids have stage fright. She doesn’t have that. She loves performing,” she said.

Venaglia is also proud of her Filipino heritage and is active in the local Filipino community’s youth group. She regularly sings at events and helps them raise funds through her performances. But, according to her parents, one of her most special traits is her determination to stick to something and improve.

“Every time she practices, she gets better and better and better, and she loves what she’s doing,” they said.

Although her talents impress many people, her parents say that at the end of the day, she is still a kid.

She’ll often be backstage hanging out and making friends with other kids, and then she’ll do a breathtaking performance and come right back to playing. Her dad says he makes sure to show how proud he is of her accomplishments.

“When she’s out doing her thing, it’s amazing just to hear her and give her a big hug and congratulate her,” Edward said.

Ultimately, Venaglia wants to inspire other young performers and show them what is possible.

“I’d like to reach out to other kids … and help kids reach their dreams and help be inspiring for them,” Venaglia told the Tribune.

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Amber Venaglia