18 years past the 9/11 Memorial

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I was watching the TV, on 9/11, as my young children were in the driveway waiting for the school bus. I peeled myself away when I heard the bus driver honk the horn to give me a wave goodbye.

The TV images were numbing. We remember them, they are unforgettable.

Days later as the rubble from the buildings settled, and the immediate chaos cleared, people started to do more, be more, give more, go to church more. For a while, it changed many areas of our everyday life.

Weeks later our neighborhood held a block party. I set a jar out to collect funds to do something in a neighborhood affected by 9/11, from a neighborhood to a neighbor. I was thinking maybe a bench or a birdbath. The money and support poured in, not only from our neighbors, but local companies, communities, the city of Flower Mound, and beyond.

9/11 Memorial

We ended up with almost $10,000 in cash, 12 square feet of granite, and the etching donated. Even Federal Express stepped up to ship a stunning 12-foot square laser etched memorial. Designed by two teenage boys from our neighborhood, it was placed in a New Providence New Jersey Neighborhood that lost 6 people that fateful day.

It was a project of good love and support, from our neighborhood, our community, the city, area businesses, and it had the same effect on the people of New Providence whom I am still very close friends today.

I wish there was a way to commemorate this event for the vast goodness it brought out in the people. I wish the anniversary wasn’t so difficult on all the families that lost loved ones, and the thousands of people that were in the path of responding…. It was a very painful time for too many people. Some years I don’t want to mention the Memorial our town made happen.

But I always go back and remember all the good that people gave and the goodness that we, as a nation, need to keep showing over and above all the other bad in the world. It always boils down to the simplicity of Good vs Bad. I choose to rejoice in the Good.

Connie Simmons-Miller

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