Motorcycle routes: Must-ride hidden gems

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The best part about riding a motorcycle is being up close and personal with the scenery around you. It can be hard to find new places to take your bike and get the most out of every ride. If you are craving a new adventure, look no further! This list of routes highlights some lesser-known areas that are definitely worth a ride.

Cherohala Skyway

The Tail of the Dragon in North Carolina is a frequent #1 must-ride for bikers all across the U.S. With 318 curves in 11 miles, it is perfect for any thrill seeker. Bordered by the Great Smokey Mountains and Cherokee National Forest, it is breathtakingly beautiful and thrilling. The only downside is that its invigorating charm makes it one of the most crowded rides in the country.

Travel 25 minutes southeast and you will find Cherohala Skyway. This 43-mile-long ride is less busy and leads you through the mountains of North Carolina and the forests of Tennessee.

The lack of tourists and buildings makes Cherohala the perfect place to escape. There is no civilization for about 41 miles, except for a bathroom or two. If you are looking for a smooth ride with no distractions (other than nature’s overwhelming beauty), this is the ride for you.

Moonshiner 28 | Motorcycle Routes

Not too far from Cherohala, Moonshiner 28 offers an entirely different riding experience. The road features good food and plenty of places to stay during your trip. If you are looking for more action during your ride, Moonshiner 28 is for you.

This 103-mile ride extends from Deal’s Gap to Walhalla, South Carolina, cutting through Georgia along the way. You will encounter beautiful mountains, crashing waterfalls and several lakes on this spectacular route. You won’t want to miss it! Fun fact: Moonshiner 28 was once home to illegal moonshiners on the run from the law, hence the name. Stop at the (now legal) moonshine distilleries along the way to learn about the area’s rich history!

Beartooth Highway | Motorcycle Routes

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Motorcycle routes: Must-ride hidden gems