Independent Agent: Dave Ramsey’s Number One Tip

“If you’re looking to save hundreds, even thousands, on your insurance costs, consider Dave’s number-one tip: Purchase your coverage through an independent insurance agent, which is an agent who represents several insurance companies instead of working for just one carrier.” – Dave Ramsey

Shield Insurance Agency is a 3rd Generation Agency providing all Independent Agents

In today’s economy we cut coupons, look for BOGO’s, and try to find the best insurance coverage for our buck. With insurance agents, there are two types – Captive and Independent.

A captive agent is one who works for one specific company and is able to provide one companies products.

An independent agent is one who sells insurance products for several different companies but does not work for a specific company. So as we spend our time looking for ways to trim costs, one easy way to do that is to contact your local independent insurance agency and see how they can help. 

Shield Insurance is an Independent Agency, Endorsed by Dave Ramsey