Holiday Shopping Tips: How to Get Around Delays and Shortages

Instead of fighting the crowds, be creative and do things differently this year
By Penelope Wang, Octavio Blanco November 10, 2021

You’ve heard all the warnings. Shipping delays and supply chain glitches are going to make holiday shopping even more difficult this year. 

Some of the biggest delays have been with large applianceslaptops, and some types of cars. But supply chain problems have led to spot shortages for a broad range of products.

Those concerns have prompted many shoppers to start their gift buying early. As a recent report by Bank of America (PDF) found, 65 percent of consumers had started preparing for the holidays by early October, with one-third having already purchased a seasonal gift.

That said, there are still products available for the holidays, especially if you’re flexible, and Black Friday deals have already begun. Check CR’s deal coverage, including bargains on top-rated laptopsmattresses, and ranges.

Even so, unless you started buying presents before Labor Day, you may feel like you’re already behind. But there’s no need to feel stressed. Fact is, there are plenty of options for gift-giving that don’t involve close monitoring of package tracking alerts.

Instead, consider supporting your local merchants, where you can find a wide variety of gift choices. You can also provide holiday cheer by making thoughtful online purchases, such as giving tickets or paying for services, rather than buying items that may get stuffed into a closet or tossed on a shelf.

“Purchasing local handcrafted items or the gift of an experience, such as a concert, can be more personal and more fun,” says Deborah Small, professor of marketing and psychology at Wharton Business School.

Here are some suggestions:

Go Local

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