Four things you might not realize about boat insurance

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Purchasing boat insurance is important for boat owners in Michigan. Shield Insurance Agency provides boat insurance policies that can cover your watercraft.

Before you buy boat insurance, it’s a good idea to spend some time researching how boat insurance works and what the different coverage options are.

The following are four things you might not realize about boat insurance.  

A boat insurance policy typically offers some coverage for belongings in your boat.

If you keep valuable items in your boat, these items can be covered up to a certain amount by your boat insurance policy.

Boat insurance is frequently required by marinas.

You aren’t required by law to have boat insurance in Michigan. However, boat owners often need coverage because it is a requirement of the marina they use to store their boats. 

Boat insurance policies specify a certain geographic area. 

Boat owners need to realize that they won’t be covered if they travel in their boat outside of the coverage region that’s specified by their policy. That’s why it’s important for boat owners to let their boat insurance provider know where they’ll be traveling with their boat when they buy their policy. 

A number of boat insurance policy add-ons are available.

When you buy a boat insurance policy, you may want to take advantage of various policy add-ons. Add-ons available for boat insurance policies include coverage for dock contract liabilities, ice and freezing issues, towing, boat trailers, and equipment like fishing tackle. 

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Four things you might not realize about boat insurance