How To Get The Most Out Of An Umbrella Policy

How To Get The Most Out Of An Umbrella Policy

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When you own a home as well as one or more vehicles, there are different insurance policies that you need for them. These policies are highly important for protecting what are likely your largest investments. However, having home and auto insurance policies may not be enough. You may need to get an umbrella policy to augment them both. This type of insurance does a lot for you, and one of those things is to save you money. To get started with an umbrella policy, call us at Shield Insurance Agency in Michigan.

Umbrella Policy is a Cost-Effective Insurance

You pay for both your home and auto insurance policies. Each of these comes with a set amount of coverage, including liability coverage. If you want more liability coverage to protect yourself better against serious accidents, you can always add more of it to both your home and auto policies. Of course, this can be highly expensive, especially if you want a lot of coverage. It costs far less to simply get an umbrella policy. Umbrella insurance adds to both your home and auto policies so that you don’t have to add to each of them individually. It also comes with an enormous coverage amount for a low price. It’s a great way to save money while staying well-protected. 

An Umbrella Policy Provides Financial Protection

The protection that you get from umbrella insurance can save you money in other ways. If an accident happens and the home or auto policy comes in to pay for it, it may not be able to pay all of the bills. Those would be up to you to pay if not for an umbrella policy. An umbrella policy would come in next to pay the leftover bills. 

Get Umbrella Insurance

When you want to save money while having the insurance you need, call us at Shield Insurance Agency in Michigan.

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Helpful Insurance Planning Tips for Parents of New Teen Drivers

Helpful Insurance Planning Tips for Parents of New Teen Drivers

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When a teenager earns their license, it is considered a rite of passage. For parents, this accomplishment can be both thrilling and nerve-wracking. Along with various safety concerns, insuring your new, inexperienced Michigan driver can be daunting. Thankfully, with some knowledge and a plan, you can find the best coverage without busting your budget. 

Add Teen Drivers to An Existing Policy

Adding your teenager to your current auto insurance policy is generally cheaper than purchasing a separate one. Keep in mind if they are not on your policy, they will not be able to take advantage of any multi-car or loyalty discounts you receive.

Promote Being a Good Student

When it comes to auto insurance, good grades can translate into insurance discounts. Many auto insurance providers offer “good student discounts” for students who typically maintain at least a B average.

Enroll Teen Drivers in a Defensive Driving Course

Enrolling your teen in a defensive driving course is helpful. Your child will gain valuable driving skills, and, in many cases, they can also use the successful completion of the class to earn a discount on their premiums.

Revisit Your Deductibles 

Adding a driver often increases costs; teen drivers are no exception. To counteract this cost, consider adjusting your deductible. Higher deductibles may mean lower annual premiums. At Shield Insurance Agency, we can discuss your deductible options. 

Establish Ground Rules for Teen Drivers

Set driving guidelines for your teen that include no texting and driving, limited nighttime driving, and passenger restrictions. These practices keep your child safer on the road, which, in turn, keeps premiums lower.

Consult With Us

The journey of insuring a new driver does not have to be a challenge, but it does require a plan. At Shield Insurance Agency, we want to help keep your teen drivers safe as they navigate these Michigan roads. Contact us today!


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Home Business Boom: Ensuring Your Home Insurance Covers Your Side Hustle

Home Business Boom: Ensuring Your Home Insurance Covers Your Side Hustle

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The rise of home-based businesses is a defining trend of our times. Whether you’re crafting handmade jewelry, offering freelance services, or selling products online, your home is your business headquarters. But have you considered how this entrepreneurial endeavor might affect your home insurance? Shield Insurance Agency, providing home insurance in Michigan, wants to help you better understand how your side hustle may affect your home insurance. 

Assessing Your Current Home Insurance Coverage

Before diving into the intricacies of insuring your home-based business, review your existing home insurance policy. Typically, standard homeowners or renters insurance covers personal property but may not encompass business-related items or liabilities. Understanding your current coverage is the first step in addressing any gaps.

Business Endorsements or Riders

To safeguard your side hustle, consider adding business endorsements or riders to your existing policy. These specialized add-ons can extend coverage to include business equipment, inventory, and even liability related to your home-based business activities. Keep in mind that the extent of coverage varies, so discuss your specific needs with your insurer.

Home Insurance Liability Protection

Running a home business means interacting with clients or customers on your property. If someone gets injured during a business-related visit, your standard policy might not cover it. Liability protection is essential to address such scenarios. Discuss options with your insurer to ensure adequate coverage.

Consult With Us

The home business boom is here to stay, offering exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs. However, it’s vital not to overlook the implications for your insurance. Assess your current coverage, explore business endorsements, and secure liability protection to ensure that your side hustle thrives while your home remains protected. The team at Shield Insurance Agency, serving the state of Michigan, can help you. Call or email us to learn more. 

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Thriving Through Turbulence: How Commercial Insurance Protects Your Michigan Business

Thriving Through Turbulence: How Commercial Insurance Protects Your Michigan Business

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Michigan’s businesses face a variety of daily challenges that can negatively impact their businesses. Commercial insurance helps Michigan business owners protect their most important investments. 

How Your Business Can Thrive Through Turbulence

Smart business owners mitigate the challenges that affect business growth, operations, and financial stability by investing in business insurance. 

Why Michigan Businesses Need Commercial Insurance 

When businesses experience financial turbulence, business insurance acts as a shield to safeguard your business against turbulence. For example, unexpected events like floods or natural disasters can end a business without commercial insurance. 

Michigan Commercial Insurance Coverages

Business insurance policies provide a financial security blanket that shields Michigan business owners from loss. 

Legal Disputes

Commercial insurance helps to protect Michigan business owners when legal disputes about business operations, products or services. 


Avoid paying out-of-pocket if your business is sued by a customer, vendor, or partner. 

Workers Compensation Claims

Do you have workers injured on the job? Protect your business from work stoppage when workers’ compensation claims threaten your bottom line. 

Slip and Fall Accidents

Accidents happen, and when accidents happen on your business property, the results can be costly. Shield your Michigan business from loss with a protective policy. 

Not sure which commercial insurance plan is right for you? Talk to the Michigan business insurance experts at Shield Insurance Agency. 

Get Commercial Insurance in Michigan!

Our knowledgeable insurance agents can walk you through the steps to choose the best business insurance policy to protect your business assets in Michigan. We can also talk to you about bundling your business insurance policy with other forms of business insurance to best meet your needs. Contact Shield Insurance Agency for a quote today!

Shield Insurance Agency represents over 40 insurance companies. Contact Shield Insurance Agency at (616) 896-4600 for a free quote today or start the quoting process by visiting this LINK and an agent will be in touch soon.

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What is the value of having recreational insurance in Michigan?

What is the value of having recreational insurance in Michigan?

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Living in the state of Michigan can come with a lot of amenities. One of the benefits that come with living here is that you can enjoy many local parks and other attractions. If you are going to move here, investing in a recreational vehicle can be a great option as it can be very fun to use. When you are looking for a recreational vehicle, getting recreational insurance for it is quite important.

This type of coverage can come with many forms of coverage which makes it quite valuable:

Cover the Vehicle

A reason to get a recreational insurance plan is so you can cover the vehicle. When you are going to get a recreational vehicle, you will find that it can cost a lot of money to purchase and maintain. Because of this investment, you will want to protect your asset and ensure it is always covered. With a recreational insurance plan, you will get support to replace or repair your asset. 

Reduce Liability Risks

It can also be a good idea to get recreational insurance so you can reduce your liability risks. There is always a chance you can be found liable for an accident when using a recreational vehicle. If you have a full recreational insurance plan, you will get support to cover any damages that you have incurred. 

Reach Out To Us

Having recreational insurance continues to be a necessity for those that are in Michigan. When you are looking for one of these plans here, it would be a great idea to call our team with the Shield Insurance Agency. If you do call us with the Shield Insurance Agency, you can receive top support to ensure you are able to make an informed decision and properly protect your recreational asset. 

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Rental Insurance

Do I Need Renter’s Insurance?

Shield Insurance Agency Blog | Renter’s Insurance | Start A Quote Today!

At Shield Insurance Agency in Michigan, we hear the question, “Do I need renter’s insurance?” often. In most cases, the answer is yes, but it’s important to understand the details. Answering these questions can help you determine if you need renter’s insurance. 

First, let’s talk about the different types of rental insurance. The most common type is apartment insurance, which covers your personal belongings in case of theft, fire, or other damage. This type of insurance also includes renters liability insurance, which protects you if someone is injured in your apartment and sues you for damages. Another type of rental insurance is loss of use coverage, which pays for temporary housing if your apartment becomes uninhabitable due to a covered event.


Does Your Landlord Require Renter’s Insurance? 

Some landlords require their tenants to have renter’s insurance. This provides protection for you, as well as potential liability protection for the landlord. 

If your landlord doesn’t require a renter’s policy as part of your rental agreement, it’s still a good idea. 

Can You Afford to Replace Your Belongings? 

You may think that you don’t have any valuables. However, even inexpensive items can add up quickly. Consider your furniture, clothing, and any important items like jewelry or electronics. 

What would happen if your personal property was damaged? Do you have the financial resources to replace your items? If you can’t afford to repurchase these items, a renter’s policy is important. 

Can You Afford a Hotel and Living Expenses? 

Most renter’s policies will cover accommodations and living expenses if you have to leave your home due to a covered event.  If you are concerned that you don’t have the emergency funds to cover this situation, a renter’s policy can provide needed peace of mind. 

Do You Need Liability Protection with Renter’s Insurance

If someone is injured in your home or their property is damaged, you can be liable for the damages. This can put a strain on you financially and even jeopardize your future. 

A renter’s policy provides coverage if you have you are held responsible for a liability claim. 

Reach Out To Us

If you need renter’s insurance in Michigan, contact Shield Insurance Agency. We offer renter’s insurance policies, as well as homeowners, auto insurance, and more to meet all your insurance needs. 

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Shield Insurance Agency explains how RV insurance coverage works in regard to the theft of personal belongings

Does RV insurance cover the theft of personal belongings that are in the RV?

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What better way to explore the hidden gems of Michigan than in an RV? But theft is an unfortunate possibility that can ruin a vacation.  Shield Insurance Agency explains how RV insurance coverage works in regard to the theft of personal belongings.

RV Insurance Liability Coverage Does Not Cover Personal Items

RV insurance policies typically have different coverage options that you can choose from. The most basic coverage option is liability coverage, which covers damages or injuries you cause to others while operating your RV. However, this coverage does not include coverage for personal belongings inside your RV.

Coverage Options To Protect Personal Belongings

To have full coverage for personal belongings inside your RV, you must purchase RV or scheduled personal property coverage. RV personal property coverage comes as an additional coverage option. It covers personal belongings inside your RV that are damaged or stolen due to covered events such as theft, fire, vandalism, or natural disasters. On the other hand, scheduled personal property coverage covers specific high-value items such as jewelry or antiques.

Keep Your Personal Items Safe

In addition to purchasing proper coverage, there are some preventative measures that you can take to reduce the risk of theft. One way is to keep valuable items out of sight, close windows and doors, and lock them when you leave. It is also recommended to use an alarm system or a surveillance camera to deter potential thieves.

Michigan RV insurance coverage for personal belongings inside your RV depends on your policy options. Liability insurance alone does not include coverage for personal belongings inside your RV.

More questions?

Contact Shield Insurance Agency today; we are here to help.

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Four things you might not realize about boat insurance

Four things you might not realize about boat insurance

Boat Insurance | Start a quote Today!

Purchasing boat insurance is important for boat owners in Michigan. Shield Insurance Agency provides boat insurance policies that can cover your watercraft.

Before you buy boat insurance, it’s a good idea to spend some time researching how boat insurance works and what the different coverage options are.

The following are four things you might not realize about boat insurance.  

A boat insurance policy typically offers some coverage for belongings in your boat.

If you keep valuable items in your boat, these items can be covered up to a certain amount by your boat insurance policy.

Boat insurance is frequently required by marinas.

You aren’t required by law to have boat insurance in Michigan. However, boat owners often need coverage because it is a requirement of the marina they use to store their boats. 

Boat insurance policies specify a certain geographic area. 

Boat owners need to realize that they won’t be covered if they travel in their boat outside of the coverage region that’s specified by their policy. That’s why it’s important for boat owners to let their boat insurance provider know where they’ll be traveling with their boat when they buy their policy. 

A number of boat insurance policy add-ons are available.

When you buy a boat insurance policy, you may want to take advantage of various policy add-ons. Add-ons available for boat insurance policies include coverage for dock contract liabilities, ice and freezing issues, towing, boat trailers, and equipment like fishing tackle. 

Reach Out To Us

Do you have questions about boat insurance coverage in Michigan? Get in touch with us at Shield Insurance Agency to learn more about boat insurance coverage. Contact us today for a policy quote!

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Umbrella Insurance

Three things to do when you’re interested in buying umbrella insurance

Umbrella Insurance | Shield Quoting Portal | Business Insurance

Umbrella insurance is great to have if you want total financial protection. Consumers on the market for umbrella insurance in Michigan can purchase the coverage they’re looking for from Shield Insurance Agency. 

It’s essential that you go through a few steps before you purchase an umbrella insurance policy.

The following are three things to do when you’re interested in buying umbrella insurance:

Research umbrella insurance so that you know what you’re getting

Misconceptions about umbrella insurance are common, so it’s important to do your research and make sure you completely understand umbrella insurance before purchasing a policy.

Remember that umbrella insurance protects you against liability expenses. This is not a type of insurance that insures your personal belongings like your vehicle. 

Determine what the total value of all your assets is

You’ll need to choose how much coverage to carry when you purchase umbrella insurance. It’s best if you have enough coverage to equal your net worth.

As part of preparing to buy umbrella insurance, it’s good to evaluate your assets and find out what your total net worth is. This will help you to choose the right amount of coverage. 

Shop around with different umbrella insurance providers

You’ll have options to pick from when you buy an umbrella insurance policy. You should explore your options so that you can get a policy that meets your specific needs. 

Research different umbrella insurance providers in your area and get quotes on policies from numerous companies so that you can compare. 

Give Us A Call

Once you’ve done all the things mentioned above, you can choose an umbrella insurance policy that’s right for you. Shield Insurance Agency can come to your assistance to get a quote on an umbrella insurance policy in Michigan. 

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Flood Insurance 101

Flood Insurance 101: Understanding the Basics

Flood Insurance | Shield Insurance Agency | Self-Quoting Portal

Flooding is one of the most common and destructive natural disasters in the United States, and it can happen anywhere. If you live in an area that is prone to flooding, it’s important to understand the basics of flood insurance and how it can protect your home and belongings. At Shield Insurance Agency, we understand the importance of flood insurance in Michigan, which is why we have created this guide to help you understand the basics.

Flood Insurance: The Basics

First, it’s important to understand that standard homeowners insurance policies do not cover damage caused by flooding. You will need to purchase a separate flood insurance policy in order to be protected. Flood insurance is available through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), and it can be purchased through Shield Insurance Agency.

Flood insurance policies are divided into two types: building coverage and content coverage. Building coverage covers the structure of your home and any permanently attached fixtures, such as built-in appliances and cabinetry. Contents coverage covers personal possessions such as furniture, clothing, and electronics. You can purchase both types of coverage, or just one depending on your needs.

When purchasing flood insurance, it’s important to understand the difference between a preferred risk policy and a standard policy. Preferred risk policies offer lower rates for properties in low-to-moderate risk areas and are generally less expensive than standard policies. However, it’s important to note that even if you live in a low-risk area, you are still at risk of flooding.

Give Us A Call

At Shield Insurance Agency, we understand that purchasing flood insurance can be overwhelming, which is why we are dedicated to helping our customers in Michigan understand the basics of flood insurance and find the right coverage to protect their homes and belongings.

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