Employers Needed to Support a Child Care Innovation

Your Grand Rapids Chamber will be co-hosting an online webinar on child care and the Tri-Share Pilot Program in Michigan. This is a no-cost event and all are welcome to join to hear about this incredible opportunity to support child care access and affordability for employees.  

During this live webinar, interested employers can learn how to participate in the program and offer child care support to their employees. In a critical time for talent attraction and retention, Tri-Share is one solution to attracting and retaining talent and addresses one of the largest barriers to employment.  

A Grand Rapids Chamber-led priority, Tri-Share is an innovative public/private partnership that equally shares the cost of childcare between employers, employees, and the State of Michigan. This initiative is the first-of-its-kind childcare support program in the country and is now in 57 counties across Michigan. This pilot runs through the end of this year, but with the support of the legislature and Governor, we are on track to secure funding to continue the pilot through the end of next year.  

View the list of participating regions/facilitator hubs HERE.
View frequently asked questions HERE.

We will be joined by Cheryl Bergman, Executive Director of the Michigan Women’s Commission, and Michelle Richard, Senior Advisor on Education to Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who are tasked with overseeing the pilot from the state. We’ll also be joined by a facilitator hub and a current participating employer. Register now!

Chamber-led Child Care Package Moves Closer to Governor’s Desk  

After more than three years at the design table, the Senate passed legislation to allow child care providers to accept a few more kids, give them 90-day grace periods for implementing new mandates and create an electronic option for sharing safety records.  

Providers overseeing non-toddler and non-infant youths would see their staff-to-child ratio expand, making a difference in profitability. The package also combats over-regulation and is hopefully a step forward in removing some of the barriers faced by providers.  

Check out the full story here!

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Employers Needed to Support a Child Care Innovation