A Guide to Getting Rid of a Mole

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A mole will not come above ground often. But when they do, they make their presence known. Unfortunately, the renovations they make aren’t always the most desirable.

Moles dig up dirt to create tunnels and to find insects. This can damage your grass and any plants you may have nearby.

If you start to see mounds of dirt scattered around your lawn, there’s a good chance you have a mole infestation. If you want to know how to get rid of moles in your yard, you may find some helpful tips in this article.

Get rid of the mole’s food source.

Moles love eating insects. So, eliminating them from your yard can stop moles from wanting to visit. After all, who likes visiting places with no food? Insecticides are a great way to keep your yard bug-free. However, they can kill your grass if misused. Be sure to pay close attention to the instructions.

Try home remedies.

Castor oil can be a great way to eliminate moles in your yard. Apparently, castor oil upsets their digestive tracts. However, Home Depot and other online sources note castor oil does not kill moles. To create a castor oil-based mole repellant, it’s suggested to mix three parts castor oil with one part dish soap. Then, add four tablespoons of the mix to a gallon of water. Pouring the mix into the entrance of the moles’ tunnels will encourage them to leave since they can’t stand the castor oil. If you don’t want to create a repellant mix yourself, you may find that buying one is a great alternative

Use plants and rocks to create barriers.

Plants like daffodils and marigolds produce a scent that’s said to deter moles. They look good too, making the investment worth it for some people. You can also dig trenches near the area where moles hang out, then fill them with rocks. The rocks will likely stop the moles in their tracks and send them back the way they came.

Irritate the mole.

Moles like areas that are peaceful and quiet. Any disturbances can cause them to flee. There are sonic spikes you can insert into the ground that use electronic pulses to create sounds moles hate to hear. You can also have pets treat the mole’s holes with urine if you have any pets. It may sound wild, but the scent can do a great job of making moles leave. It’s also one of the least invasive methods on this list, so it may be worth a try.

Trap and release the mole.

There are traps you can use to capture moles without killing them. This is called a trap and release. If you opt for one of these, carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure the safety of all parties involved. Each of these methods is a potential solution for handling mole activity. Please use your best judgment in determining the best way to remove moles from your lawn. Once you succeed in removing the moles, you may have some patching up to do. If so, you may be interested in our list of front-yard landscaping ideas.

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A Guide to Getting Rid of a Mole