Insurance for Summer RVs

With the great Michigan summer here, everyone is getting ready to get their trailers, fifth wheels and RV out on the road. Many times these items are added onto an auto policy. While the price is cheap, it leaves you with many missed opportunities for proper coverage.

Did you know that when these items are insured under an auto policy the liability coverage only applies while your trailer is attached to your vehicle. Once you park on your campsite and detach your trailer, you no longer has any liability coverage. If an accident happens you would need to file a claim against your homeowners insurance instead of a claim on trailer policy. Homeowners claims are rated harder than a claim on a trailer policy

Another missed coverage is with personal property. Many times when a trailer is insured under an auto policy there is no coverage for personal property, just physical damage to the trailer if you to have that coverage. If someone broke into your trailer any everything was stolen, there would be no coverage for your personal property. Again you would need to file a claim on your homeowners policy and that deductible would apply

While insuring your travel trailer or fifth wheel on its own policy may cost more, the benefits of having better and proper coverage outweighs the price. One of the main reasons for having insurance is to make sure your property is covered. Who wants to pay for insurance and when it comes time to file a claim find out the claim isn’t covered. If you have a travel trailer or fifth wheel make sure to discuss with your agent how and when you use your trailer to make sure you are properly covered.

Submitted by Valina

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