Fundraiser for Gabe Dehen

Help us purchase a new and comfy chair for Gabe by referring your friends and family to our Agency. Everyone needs insurance, we hope be able to save them some cash and fund a new chair for Gabe! Have them give us a call at 616-896-4600 !

P Pod Chair with accessories

This year Shield Agency is raising funds to purchase a P Pod for five year old Gabe Dehen. This unique chair with accessories will provide all the clinical benefits Gabe needs, while allowing him to actively participate with the family. We know he’ll be thrilled to hang out in something other than his bed or wheelchair!

Here is how this referral program works:

  • If a person is not already our client calls 616-896-4600 for a quote and says they heard about Gabe’s story, we will donate $25 to Gabe’s family.
  • If a person who is not our client calls 616-896-4600 and was referred by a client then that client will have the option to receive the $20 gift card or have us donate $25 to Gabe’s cause.

So far, we’ve raised a little over $500!

You can see Gabe’s story here, ShieldAgency.com

So start sending us your friends and family to see if we can save them some cash!
We already have $500 towards the new chair!

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