Meet Addy


Addy Weith is 4 year old little girl who lives in Hudsonville, Michigan with her mom, dad and twin sister.  Like many other 4 year olds, Addy loves to play and show off her pink light-up shoes any chance given. However, unlike many children her age, Addy is battling the biggest fight of her life.  If you ask anyone who has met Addy, they will tell you her personality captures your heart and her bravery speaks volumes.

At the age of 2 years old Addy’s mother noticed she was not developing as fast as the other twin. After multiple medical visits two spots were found on Addy’s brain. Shortly after the medical findings, Addy was diagnosed with Leigh’s syndrome, a Mitochondrial disease. At Addy’s most recent appointment it was shown that the disease is spreading and eventually she will need in-home palliative care. At this point in time, the family has created a sort of “bucket list” of experiences that they want to give their daughter in the time they still have with her.

After coming across such a touching story, our agency has decided we want to help Addy and her family. We have a popular referral program where if someone calls us for a quote and our client recommended them to us, that client receives a $25 gift card. We would like this program to benefit Addy and her family. Now if a person who is not our client calls for a quote and says they heard about Addy’s story, we will donate $25 to Addy’s cause. If a person calls and was referred by a client then that client will have the option to receive the $25 gift card or to donate it to Addy’s cause as well.  This program has worked really well for our clients and is used multiple times every month so we believe it could really be of benefit to Addy and her family!

If you would like get a new home or auto quote and have $25 donated on your behalf to Addy please CLICK HERE and fill out the form and then one of our amazing people will do our best for you!  For all other insurance quotes please call 616-896-4600 and don’t forget to use Addy’s name when we ask how you have heard about us!

If you do not want to get a quote but would like to donate to Addy’s cause please feel free to send donations to our address 3214 Chicago Drive Suite 200 Hudsonville, MI, 49426 and we will donate it to the family OR Click Here to donate to Addy’s Go-Fund Me directly.

Thank you for reading about Addy’s journey with Leigh’s Syndrome. We hope her story touches the community like it did our hearts! We are looking forward to working with you all to make a difference!