Breanna’s Battle

We met Brianna when Andy got involved in the Big Brother, Big Sister program. Breanna’s younger brother and Andy are brothers in the program!

Breanna is one brave, strong happy girl with a progressive and terminal disease. She has been sick since she was 7 and she is 13 now.

Kids live about 10 years. Even with all the deterioration that her body has been riddled with and the damage to her brain her spirit is bright and she is one special girl. She enjoys movies, splash pads, socializing, dogs, books, alligators, buying restaurant food to eat at home, getting ice cream, cooking, baking, crafts…

Breanna loves family and enjoys hearing funny stories. Actually she enjoys funny stories from anyone. She is quite a jokester too. The other day she tried closing a closet door on her Mother and then butting her with her walker (she is not strong at all and her Mother cannot get hurt by her). Her Mother turned around to look at her and she was grinning from ear to ear. She was so proud of herself. Funny girl. She is one special girl who daily puts up with a lot of struggles, she never complains and she tries to make every day as happy and as fun as she can. Such a brave young lady! Breanna loves stuffed animals, make-up, nail polish, bows, and collecting chocolate and candy.

We have a popular referral program where if someone calls us for a quote and our client recommended them to us, that client receives a $25 gift card. We would like this program to benefit Breanna and her family. Now if a person who is not our client calls for a quote and says they heard about Breanna’s story, we will donate $25 to Breanna’s cause. If a person calls and was referred by a client then that client will have the option to receive the $25 gift card or to donate it to Breanna’s cause as well.  This program has worked really well for our clients and is used multiple times every month so we believe it could really be of benefit to Breanna and her family!

If you would like get a new home or auto quote and have $25 donated on your behalf to Breanna please CLICK HERE and fill out the form and then one of our amazing people will do our best for you!  For all other insurance quotes please call 616-896-4600 and don’t forget to use Breanna’s name when we ask how you have heard about us!

If you do not want to get a quote but would like to donate to Breanna’s cause please feel free to send donations to our address at 3214 Chicago Drive Suite 200 Hudsonville, MI, 49426 and we will donate it to the family.

What Is Juvenile Onset Huntington’s Disease (JHD)?
Juvenile Onset Huntington’s Disease (JHD) is a form of Huntington’s disease (HD) that affects children and teenagers. Huntington’s disease is a hereditary neurodegenerative disorder that is characterized by progressively worsening motor, cognitive, behavioral, and psychiatric symptoms. JHD is caused by a mutation of the huntingtin gene called a “CAG repeat expansion”. The mutation results in gradual neuronal degeneration in the basal ganglia of the brain, which is responsible for coordination of movements, thoughts, and emotions. As JHD progresses, other regions of the brain undergo neuronal degeneration with diffuse and severe brain atrophy that is comparable to late stage Alzheimer’s disease. For additional information, please click here…