Spring is here

Spring is here! After a very long and hard Michigan winter, we are excited to see green grass, buds on the trees and spring flowers. As you can well imagine, there have been many claims over the winter months and recent spring storms.

Did you know that there may be some causes of a loss that may not be covered by your home insurance? I started thinking, “when was the last time I read my insurance policy?” Have you read yours? Did you know that if your roof is in need of repair (wear and tear), a water or wind loss may not be covered?

As a homeowner, we have certain responsibilities to maintain the property that we insure in order for claims to be paid. A good rule of thumb is that home insurance is not a maintenance policy, but a catastrophe policy.
Now that warmer weather is here and the snow is melted away, I encourage you to look carefully at your roof or have someone look at it for you. Is the flashing done correctly and sealed? Are the gutters and fascia secured properly?

Situations can vary, but the bottom line is if a property is not well maintained it can make a claim process very difficult and frustrating. When in doubt regarding specific coverage we recommend contacting your claims department via phone, email or sometimes “click-to-chat”. Insurance companies will be happy to discuss potential claims and coverage issues, regardless of the situation.

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