Summer Wrap up

In those lazy days of summer, it’s easy to forget about responsibilities that are quickly approaching with the fall season. Some of you may be busy buying school supplies, school clothes, getting ready to send kids off to college while squeezing in one last trip to the beach or pool. School supplies are not cheap these days.

Have you checked with your home or renters insurance to see if that TI-85 scientific calculator is covered? What about the new Apple Mac Book, I-pad or smart phone you just invested in? What about the van load of stuff your college student is taking with them to their dorm?

Most insurance polices offer limited coverage for electronic items unless a special endorsement is purchased or they are specifically listed. Some policies offer a portion of your home’s personal property coverage for the things your college student is taking with them.

Check with your insurance agent to see if you are properly covered so you can send your kids off to school with this peace of mind. Have a great school year!

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