Winter prep

As December 21 – the official first day of winter – approaches, we all know what is likely to come with it. Snow! We live in a state shaped like a mitten, stands to reason that we will get snow. We have already had a dose of winter weather, heavy snow and even some snow days! Are you prepared?We know from experiences last winter that snow can build up quickly and be really heavy. The excessive weight from snow and ice can lead to structural stress and damage to roofs and walls, even collapse. Please take precautions to reduce the amount of snow on your roof. Especially flat roofs.Just like snow build-up, a snow and rain cycle can lead to ice dams. Below are a few steps that you can take to help prevent ice dams from forming, brought to you by Fremont Insurance:

  • Keep gutters and down spouts clear of debris, snow and ice, so melting roof snow can flow
  • Keep snow on your roof to a minimum. Roof rakes let you stand on the ground to safely pull the snow off the roof.
  • Evaluate attic insulation and ventilation. Good airflow is essential to a cool dry attic.

Stay warm. Stay safe. Enjoy and be awed by the amazing weather changes we experience in this great state!Merry Christmas & Blessed New Year!

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