Summer is here and so are the Olympics

August already and this year that means the summer Olympic games! 2016 brings us to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil which is the first South American country to the host the Games. A Few other fun facts about this year’s Games:

There will be approximately 10,500 athletes headed to Rio to complete, 555 coming from the U.S team

A total of 206 countries will be represented 

For the first year ever a refugee team made up of about 10 athletes originally from countries like South Sudan, Republic of Congo and Syria will be competing for Gold

There were 7.5 million tickets available for the different events with prices ranging from $40-$3,000. 

Golf is coming back this year after being removed following the 1904 games however the 4 highest ranked players will not be playing in Rio due to threat of Zika in the region

Olympic organizers are expected to make about 60,000 meals a day to feed the athletes competing 

For more fun facts and general information about the 2016 Rio Olympic Games go to:

submitted by Autumn