Social Media

Did you know that Social Media could have a big impact on your insurance rates?

For Instance:

Selfies: Taken while driving and uploading them to social media could be a problem with your policy being non-renewed based on the fact that you are a distracted driver.

Text Messages: Texting and Driving Don’t Mix! Especially if you were involved in an accident around the time stamp of your convo, an Insurer may deny your claim or list you as at-fault.

Bad Habits on Social Media:

  1. Such as posting that you are divorced or married and not updating your insurance carrier of your status.
  2. Giving up smoking, and not informing your Life insurance carrier, then they find lots of pics of you smoking.
  3. Got a new dog in your home may be good but, if you don’t tell your insurance carrier certain breeds could cause a cancellation of your home policy.
  4. Geotagging while away on vacation can maybe cause an insurance company to deny your claim because you loaded your pics to social media with the geotags which can cause theft!

Just Remember: Always tell your Agent the truth and be honest. Don’t put yourself out there on social media where it could cause any problems with your integrity. Remember, the whole world can see you!!

submitted by Dawn