Give Back

With the holidays right around the corner it seems like we get busier and busier every day. We have to plan for Thanksgiving with family, Christmas celebrations, presents, and celebrating the start of a new year. We all tend to get so busy that we don’t always stop to look around and notice that not everyone might be as lucky as we are. 

There are many families that won’t be able to sit down to nice meal at Thanksgiving or be able to provide even the most basic of necessities for their children. There are homeless people who won’t have a home to go to, children that won’t have gifts to open on Christmas, and families who won’t have enough food to celebrate Thanksgiving. 

As we enter the Holiday Season we should stop and reflect on how much we have and how much we can give back. It can be a simple as donating a toy to Toys for Tots or donating the clothes you no longer wear to a men or women’s shelter. We can also go as far as starting food drives, toy drives, and a clothing drive. Nothing is impossible when we choose to give to those who are less fortunate. Take it upon yourselves this year to give back and bring a smile to those in need. There are a lot of non-profit organizations that would be very happy to work with those who want to give back. You can also provide children in the hospital with toy donations. We should want to give back not only during the holiday season, but everyday, but this time of year seems to make a difference for a lot of people who are in need. It is a beautiful thing when we can give back to those in our community. While there is a lot of people who volunteer with organizations they never seem to have enough to fulfill all the responsibilities. I encourage you this Holiday Season to give back to at least one person who is in need because we never know whose life we could be changing by doing a simple act of kindness. 

Submitted by Gabi