Michigan, the pluses and minuses.

    If you are a true Michigander, then you really love the 4 seasons! We would really appreciate if all of the roads would or could remain clear all year long.  But seriously it seems like we have 2 seasons, Winter and Construction (per: Jeff Foxworthy) Which really does seem to be true!  😉

  But why do people leave our beautiful state?  Health, road conditions, family reasons, jobs, there are many reasons why we move.  Winter is probably the biggest reason.  But we truly do have the overall best weather of any other place.  We have no hurricanes, mud slides, tsunami’s, barely any drought with all of our amazing lakes!  We do have occasional tornadoes, but what state doesn’t??    

Here are some reasons why I love our state!!!

  1. We love to see the 4 seasons and experience all of our 4 seasons in 1 day once in a while!  

  2.  Where else can you show where you live on your hand???

  3.  Michigan Sand Dunes are one of the most beautiful sites in the world!!

  4.  Do you love to swim in the summer and ski in the winter?

  5.  A Christmas store and town all year long that you can drive to!

  6.  You can get 10 cents per can for recycling!!

  7.  We have one of the longest bridges in the world.

  8.  We are home to one of your favorite cereals!

  9.  Motown music originated here.

 10.  We have some awesome sport teams also!!!!

These are just a few reasons why I love Michigan, how about you???

Submitted by Dawn