Autonomous Cars ?

A self-driving car, also known as an autonomous car, driverless car, or robotic car, is a vehicle that is capable of sensing its environment and moving safely with little or no human input.

What do you think, will autonomous cars affect the insurance industry?

From what I understand, the manufacturers of the vehicles are planning to have their own insurance plans. But, many variables are still in the process of being determined. Such as, many tracking sensors will need to be placed in vehicles so they will be able to determine whether a human or autonomous vehicle is at fault. The northern states weather conditions still need to be tweaked, because no matter what…you can’t control “Old Man Winter”!!

Can you believe that as many as 94% of all accidents are preventable and only happen because of human error! WOW.. That’s hard to fathom! Saving human lives is the ultimate goal, and I really do believe that this is going to help our future generations. 🙂

They are saying that insurance premiums will become much lower because accidents will become rarer. Autonomous vehicles will be on the roads with our regular vehicles, then they will eventually take over all roadways. Can you imagine sitting in a car, reading, eating, napping? This could become a new norm in our future. The future is coming and autonomous cars are right around the corner!!