Let’s “Fall” into the Season and fix up our Homes!!!

Here’s a few things that we should be thinking about, with the snow right around the corner. 

Gutters: If they are filled with leaves and debris, the backed up water will begin seeping into your home if it has nowhere to go. It’s recommended that we always clean them out every fall and spring. 

Tree Limbs: Make sure that all tree limbs are trimmed higher and away from the home or power lines, when they get covered with snow they will become very heavy and will break and could cause damages.

Windows:  Clean, store and replace the screens with the storm windows, this will make a huge difference when it comes to your heating bill for the season.

Ceiling Fans:  Hot air rises, so if your ceiling fans are able to have their rotation reversed, be sure to do so to help bring that warmer air back down toward you. It could help you save money on heating costs by not wasting the hot air at the ceiling. 

Smoke & CO2 detectors: Be sure to change out your batteries, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

Heater Filter: Change out your heater filter, this should be done every 90 days without pets and every 60 days with pets. 

Outdoor furniture: Clean it and store it away so it doesn’t get wrecked from the winter elements.

Faucets & Hoses:  Drain all garden hoses and disconnect the outside spigots. Shut off all exterior faucets. Store everything in a dry place. 

Also remember, any liquids that you may have that are in your shed or garage that may freeze, be sure to find a home for them in a cool dry place that isn’t in the frigid temperatures. 

I know that this is only a few of the tasks that we have to do before winter, but I hope this helps get you started on the right foot. 

I hope you have a wonderful Autumn season. 


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